What is an Operating System ? Top 8 OS Alternatives In 2023

This post will explain alternative operating systems. Operating System might be defined as the user interface between the user and the hardware. It is the software application that turns on right after the system begins. So technically, it’s the type of software application that starts working prior to all the software application. An OS consists of numerous basic or basic files that assistance in booting the system. In addition, it has some system software that helps with the communication in between the user and the hardware gadget.

What is an Operating System ? Top 8 OS Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about alternative operating systems here are the details below;

OS is used in every device that requires to perform any function. If you are brand-new to this subject, you will be surprised after understanding that electronic gadgets like a clever fridge, web router, wise TVs, CCTV and so on are being operated by the help of the os. Linux is the most generally used OS in certain electronic gadgets.

 List of OS Alternatives

Though there are a number of sort of Alternatives to OS readily available in the market, the significant market is covered by Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, where Window is leading the market due to it’s easy GUI interface. Now we will be gazing into any of the OS options in detail.

 1. Microsoft Windows

alternative operating systems

This is this GUI( Graphical User Interface) based OS formed by Microsoft back in 1985. In real terms, it is the graphical user interface of MS-DOS. The really first variation of windows was 1.1 that had facilitates the disk partition function through the graphical user interface. The web internet browser was first utilized in the 3.0 variation of windows that made the internet easily accessible to the users.

This is one of the most popular alternatives present for OS today as it offers a user interface that could be engaged utilizing a device called Mouse. We can move the mouse tip throughout the screen and click it makes the selection. Windows enable users to set up extra software application to add extra performance and increase the performance of the system. The main function of the window is to provide a very decent user interface on which anybody can deal with ease to perform the wanted job. Also check camscanner website.

The windows are very popular & treating a large user base due to its simplicity in the visual interface. It is produced by taking custody of nontechnical users. The GUI is created over the DOS which indicates it really runs the instructions in the DOS simply due to the GUI the user is kept uninformed of what’s going on behind the scene.

 2. MAC OS X.


Another top OS Alternative is MAC OS which was established by Apple Inc back in 1984. That is simply a year before Windows was established. It is the second most commonly utilized operating system and being used by 6.375 of the OS users. The very first desktop variation was out in 2001 and it was MAC OS X 10.0 and the next variation 10.1 came right after the first version release.

It likewise uses a really interactive visual user interface and most of the functions that Windows uses. The Apple laptops include pre-installed MAC OS which could not be altered. Though it comes with great functions, it’s somewhat expensive than Windows. It is considered a highly protected OS due to its function to spot the risk and reaction appropriately feature.

As this operating system runs in just Apple laptops, it can not be set up in normal laptops easily. For instance, we can run Windows and Linux based operating system in a Lenovo laptop and desktop but if we require to run the MAC OS than in before-mentioned case one needs to buy an Apple desktop or laptop computer.

 3. Linux.


Comparable to Windows and MAC OS, Linux is also an operating system that has some additional functions. Based upon the users’ requirements, there are numerous versions of OS like Ubuntu and Kali Linux, Parrot Linux and Mint Linux, & so on. Linux is also well known for its control lines user interface and it’s also liked by hackers because of the pre existing tools in Linux, particularly, Kali Linux.

A Linux OS is composed of Shell, the bootloader and daemons, the kernel, and the applications that make Linux more efficient. Linux is extensively used in servers as they are cost effective as compared to windows. It uses an extremely secure platform where users can store their essential information. It is very helpful when it comes to making things done very efficiently in a really brief time period due to its quality of fast processing.

The Linux operating system is likewise a base OS for numerous circulations. Even the most popular mobile phone os “Android” also utilizes Linux as its base OS. The trending innovation called IoT is also carried out using Linux as its the common operating system that is utilized by numerous clever electronic devices. From a programmer or designer perspective, we ought to be choosing windows but according to network admins & security executives’ view, it’s the most powerful operating system.

 4. Feren OS.

Feren OS

Feren operating system is based upon Linux mint and thus has a few of the performance that is held by a mint account of Linux. This OS comes with inbuilt tools such as Feren them & GMP image editor which typically doesn’t come pre-installed in several Linux versions. It provides the GUI interaction platform and likewise provides the terminal that works the same way a Linux terminal works. Also check dreamweaver alternative.

It is the most steady variation of the Linux operating system and can be considered when a non-CLI fan needs to work with Linux in an efficient manner. It integrates the graphical user interface of windows and the work performance and security elements of Linux in one platform and requires around 3 GB RAM for setup. The hardware must be around 20 GB to make it work a bit smooth however high shop capability is constantly suggested for any OS to work fine.

Feren OS does require a little bit of well-configured hardware to work efficiently as it features a few of the crucial applications. In a few of the CUI based Linux circulations, we generally require to download tools for every job like for editing photos, for altering the outlook of the user interface, but in this os the crucial applications are made currently offered and the additional or other software application could be installed easily.

 5. Peppermint OS.

Peppermint OS

Peppermint OS is another finest alternative for Ubuntu or Linux-based os which is available in both 32 bit and 62 bit. It is an extremely light-weight operating system and thus requires less hardware configurations to work on any system. Even 512 MB RAM suffices to run this OS. It doesn’t come with great deals of inbuilt system software however definitely one could include many software application based on their requirement.

It likewise provides a Microsoft office suite that is not available in lots of different variations of Linux. Using this we can edit the office records the same way we perform in windows. It offers the alternative to lots of app like Google Drive, Gmail and so on & while opening such an app, it will open as a websites where there will be no option of the address bar. When working with the integrated shortcuts, it just opens a circumstances of the internet browser instead of actually opening the internet browser and its such performance makes it extremely fast to utilize.

This os could also be thought about as the OS with the easiest interface as some of the features that could include intricacy needs to keep abstract. In simple terms, this OS will just offer you what you ask. It won’t use you a number of alternatives to pick from. Usually users hardly ever use this OS but if somebody wishes to use the operating system in a really low hardware ability then it is absolutely the preference to utilize peppermint.

 6. Solus OS.

Solus OS

For the users who are brand-new or proficient in Linux, Solus is one of the different alternatives to move with. It is another Linux-based operating system that provides a quite close view of the other Linux-based operating systems. It features Firefox picked as the default internet browser to manage users’ internet-related questions. It has its own plan supervisor and repository and is for this reason extremely various from other Linux circulations.

It is comprised of an extremely decent interface together with the effective functioning of the terminal. In this OS, the bottom bas reveal the running application, and the application could be the switch from there which is different to that of other Linux distributions. It has an alert area that reveals all the alerts generated by the system and beside the alert area, it has the quick application gain access to location also.

Solus fits best for both, beginner and knowledgeable folks as it might work extremely efficiently in any of scenario. It works best while running a number of applications parallelly. Users can use the storage and RAM according to their requirement however using a 4GB RAM can make the working more joyful. In appreciation to RAM, hard disk also plays an important function and for this OS 180 GB could be great.

 7. Parrot Linux.

Parrot Linux

Parrot Linux is 1 of the top versions of Linux spatially utilized while dealing with networks. One can quickly acknowledge this operating system by having the search default terminal text colors as it is consisted of green & read texts. The parrot Linux is description of a command line interface based operating system as a maximum of the important things in this OS could be done utilizing the terminal. Also check Tesla Competitors.

This distribution is intended for the goal of penetration testing & is thus extremely efficiently used in cybersecurity. In the majority of cyber forensic cases, Parrot Linux is utilized as the best OS due to its integrated tools that are primarily established for examination purposes only. The latest variation of parrot Linux is 4.5.1 which was launched on last of January 2019.

Parrot Linux likewise has a few of the crucial tools which are utilized in Kali Linux. In companies, parrot Linux is extremely regularly utilized in SOC operations, specifically to make use of the vulnerabilities existing in the network. It acts pretty the same as Kali Linux. The great part is, it comes filled with lots of useful tools utilized in ethical hacking so the user will not need to include extra software application in order to carry out penetration testing.

 8. Kubuntu.


While we are discussing a number of versions of Linux, Kubuntu is the os that we should know about. It is an os that offers the taste of Ubuntu OS and is popular because of its specific feature to stick out of rush. On the other hand, where generally the os utilize the GNOME desktop environment, the Kubuntu OS utilizes KDE Plasma Desktop.

As its user interface is practically the like that of Ubuntu, the same way it also matches the majority of the performance used by Ubuntu. Due to its lightweight, it is potentially really strong in terms of quick execution. Though it is considered a bit much better than Ubuntu the reality that it is produced after ubuntu might not be belied. It doesn’t require a system with a really high setup to get installed. If you in fact want to take a look at it, you can utilize virtualization to get its direct exposure.


There are numerous alternatives to OS that could be utilized per our requirement. Through Windows is the most pre-owned OS due to its easy-to-use interface, some other OS could likewise be used as its alternative. Simply to summarize in straight words, if you are very much worried about the security part then prefer to utilize either Linux or MAC OS & if there is a necessity to have non technical users work in the decent program then choose Windows.

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