A Comprehensive Guide on Becoming an Ethical Hacker

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Ethical hacking is an exciting career where professionals work on identifying the system’s vulnerabilities and accessing them. In this article, we have talked about the ways to transform you into a competent, ethical hacker.

Ethical Hacking

One can describe ethical hacking as a simple way to safeguard a company’s system successfully. Ethical hackers utilize a similar approach that a malevolent hacker may follow. The only difference is that ethical hackers perform these activities to identify vulnerabilities and safeguard the system against such threats.

In addition, ethical hacking is a form of penetration testing done legally to break into critical systems. This profession is quite lucrative in the IT department at present. Companies and legal bodies worldwide employ ethical hackers to figure out any loophole within a system.

If you happen to be an ethical hacker with a proper ethical hacker certification, you can access such job roles. This profession is quite thrilling, and you will have a rewarding experience in the long run. However, this profession is not very easy, and one has to comprehend the intricacies properly.

Required Skills to Become an Ethical Hacker

For any professional, upgrading the skillset and knowledge is crucial to becoming a competent, ethical hacker. For instance, you will have to go for CEH training offered by the EC Council. In this way, you will gain knowledge regarding the ins and outs of ethical hacking. The training course mentioned above will provide you with adequate know-how on scripting application design languages and specific coding.

An Ethical Hacker’s Job Role

The subsequent paragraphs discuss a competent, ethical hacker’s job roles and the required skills. An ethical hacker can be an in-house worker responsible for safeguarding the applications or website of a company. In addition, these professionals may be autonomous freelance consultants hired by a business specializing in cyber-security services.

Besides having an ethical hacker certification, they must have sufficient knowledge regarding the present methods of attack. However, they cannot cross the limit and become a Black hat hacker. Here we like to mention that a Black hat hacker is somebody who gets unauthorized access. In contrast, a White hat hacker is primarily an ethical hacker. There are also other types of hackers, such as Grey hat hackers and Script kiddie hackers.

An ethical hacker must have the ability to penetrate systems. Moreover, they should also comprehend the main reason for the problem apart from fixing it. For this, you have to learn the process of ethical hacking comprehensively. One will always come across intruders trying to invade the system of any company. Their main objective will be to get hold of the company’s information in the best possible way. However, they might do something more complex than that.

Fundamental Requirements for Learning Ethical Hacking

By partnering with a top learning institution, you will learn all the intricacies of ethical hacking. In addition, it will be imperative to have comprehensive knowledge regarding the different software and IT systems. Besides this, one must also comprehend the vulnerabilities of the systems and how the offenders can exploit them.

Formal qualifications are available in subjects associated with ethical hacking, which will allow you to prepare successfully. However, before obtaining an ethical hacker certification, you need to get the endorsement of the Communications-Electronics Security Group. The EC Council happens to be a trustworthy organization offering accreditation in more than 85 nations.

Besides this, other qualifications are also available to help you stay ahead in the competition as an ethical hacker. These can be a CREST certification or a Master’s degree in cyber-security. As mentioned earlier, the training for this cyber security certification course is not easy.


Thus, it is evident from this article that there is no particular method for becoming an ethical hacker. You can receive an ethical hacker certification with diligence and the right pathway. Ethical hacking is not a simple job, and one has to have fantastic skills to fix a company’s vulnerabilities. You have to think correctly and sensibly while managing pressure. Soft skills like advanced-level ideas plus strong skills of communication are ideal for becoming an ethical hacker.

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