9 Nail Care Tips for Healthy and Strong Nails

Getting a manicure is always a treat, and most women think that is enough to make their nails healthy and strong. However, nail care takes more than the occasional visit to the nail salon. To enjoy healthy-looking nails, you should stick to a healthy nail care routine. The following tips are simple to follow, and they take no time at all. Here is how to take care of your nails right at home:

Trim and buff your nails regularly

If you have ever had long nails, you know they break easily. So, the first nail care tip that you should follow is to trim and buff your nails. First, trim your nails with scissors or a nail trimmer. Then, file your nail to smooth out the edges. Afterward, you should buff the top layer of your nails with a quality buffer. With both a nail buffer and a buffer, you should use a gentle product; a grit of 120 and over. The higher the grit number, the gentler and less coarse the filer/buffer. Products that are coarser are not suitable for home use.

Wear gloves when necessary

Frequent exposure to water weakens the nails; when you mix in cleaning products or cleaning chemicals – your nails will become even more fragile. So, when you are cleaning your home, washing dishes, or need to come in contact with water and detergents – you should wear protective gloves, and minimize exposure to water and other liquids.

Leave your cuticles alone

One harmful “nail care” practice is edging back cuticles, and cutting them. Cuticles may be a very small body part, but it is a vital one; cuticles help nails grow, and they protect the nailbeds and the nails. So, when you cut your cuticles or push them back – you are opening the door to infections, and unhealthy nail growth. So, you should leave your cuticles alone, and not touch them; if you go to a nail salon, ask the nail technician not to push back the cuticles, as well.

Moisturize your hands

Quality hand moisturizers can also work wonders for your nails; they hydrate and nourish the nails, so they get a healthy boost. These days, when most of us use drying hand sanitizers, it’s important to return moisture to your skin and nails.

Don’t wear nail polish every day

Most nail polishes contain various chemicals; frequent use of nail polish weakens the nails and causes stains to form. To protect the nails from the damage of nail polish chemicals, you should give them a breather from time to time. Also, removing nail polish with nail polish remover and acetone weakens the nails even more, so take a break from nail polish from time to time.

Do not scrape off nail polish

Another harmful habit that you should avoid is scarping off nail polish – especially gel nail polish. Many women tend to scrape off nail polish when it begins to peel, and by doing so – they also remove the top layer of the nails. This causes the formation of nail ridges, and nail weakening, so you should avoid removing nail polish this way.

File your nails correctly

How do you file your nails: in one direction? Or from side to side? Most of us do in the ladder method, and it is WRONG! Filing nails back and forth cracks them and causes ridges and cracks. The correct way to file nails is in one direction only – from left to right or vice versa. Your nails will look great, and they will be stronger.

Prefer natural nail care products

There is greater awareness of health, and there are wonderful natural nail care products that you can use at home, instead of chemical-based products. So, when you go to beauty stores – pick the more natural options. You can now purchase water-based nail polish and water-based nail polish remover. You can color your nails with these natural products while keeping your nails healthy.

Use a quality cuticle conditioner

We already mentioned the importance of protecting cuticles; aside from not using chemical-based products, you should also use nail care products that are beneficial for you. Chosen Best in Class, the TrySprig cuticle conditioner is one of the best of its kind. The unique nail care kit contains a four-sided buffer, replacement strips for the buffer, a professional-grade buffer, and a dermatologically approved cuticle conditioner. The all-natural product contains minerals, vitamins, natural oils, and natural ingredients that replenish your nails and cuticles. The conditioner shows results from the first use, and it is a potent mixture that strengthens nails, the natural way.

To sum up

A healthy nail care routine is the key to great-looking nails. With a few simple actions, you can heal your nails, and make them stronger than ever.

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