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7 Best Attractive Fonts for Websites – 2022

Typography is an important part of your website design. Using the right fonts for your website is essential to set its visual appeal and make the content easily readable. Moreover, website fonts have a key role in creating a good user interface and experience for the visitors.

However, when it comes to choosing the best fonts for websites, the task can be extremely daunting. The trends in the typography of websites keep changing at all times, and the designers need to remain on their toes to ensure that they are delivering good user value through their website designs, and that includes choosing the right fonts.

However, there are thousands of fonts available for your perusal. So, how would you choose the most visually attractive and easily readable one?

Well, for a fact, you don’t really need thousands of fonts in your library to create a website design with the perfect typography. All you need to do is keep up with the trends and select the fonts that most other designers are going with.

To make the task easier for you, we have compiled a list of the seven best attractive fonts for websites that are trending in 2022. However, before we jump to the list, let’s get a clearer understanding of why choosing the best fonts for websites is so essential.

Why Do You Need To Choose the Best Fonts for Websites?

As already mentioned, typography is essential, and the fonts you use on your website will contribute a lot to its visual appeal. You need to ensure that you’re choosing the right, legible, attractive, light, and web-safe fonts on your website.

The question is, why is it so important to choose the best fonts rather than putting up any general font on the website? Well, hereinbelow are some reasons-

Fonts Are Important to Create a Visual Appeal for the Website

Using any general font on your website will make it look monotonous and boring, and the visitors might not get attracted by them. Facts state that visitors form their opinion about any website in less than five seconds, and visual appeal plays a major part in this process.

If your fonts are not good enough, the visitors might drop scrolling through your website, and you’ll lose potential clients and customers.

Fonts Have a Psychological Impact on the Users’ Mind

Just like colors implore different meanings and have different psychological impacts, the typography of websites too has a psychological impact on users’ minds.

Different fonts convey different meanings, and by using a particular font on your website, it will become easier to create the desired psychological impact on the visitors’ minds while also helping create a brand identity and establishing your brand niche.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

This is something where safe web fonts become most important. Safe Web Fonts are basically the font styles that work on all the browsers alike. So, when you use these fonts, you need not worry about their compatibility with different browsers.

No matter whatever browser the visitors use to access your website, they’ll see the fonts that you’ve originally used on the website when you use safe web fonts, given the fact that they offer cross-browser compatibility.

So, you can see that the use of the right fonts is essential to keep your website in the minds of your visitors. On that note, let’s have a look at some of the best fonts for websites that are trending in 2022 and will make your website look extremely attractive.

7 Best Attractive Fonts for Websites Trending in 2022

We’ve already talked enough about using good, attractive, and best fonts for websites. So, let’s straight away get to the seven best attractive website fonts that are trending in 2022 without any further ado.

Abril Fatface

Abril Fatface is a very attractive and visual font, perfect for emphasizing the words in your text given its bold and fat characters that look very distinct. Its serif style makes it look simple and sleek, yet very appealing to the eyes.

It’s inspired by the title cases that were used in the early 1800 advertisements and posters, and given its bold and attractive look, it will look great when used for headings and titles on your website.


Lora is another serif font with a very creative and artistic look and appeals to it. The round brush-like strokes for every single alphabet give the font its unique visual appeal. Moreover, the words are clearly distanced from each other, which makes the font more legible.

With all these characteristics, the font will look great on any creative website where you want to create an artistic aura. Another good part is that you can use it free of cost.

Open Sans

Sans serif fonts are variedly popular, and one of the most trending of them is Open Sans. You can find this font used on multiple websites, and all the credit goes to the amazing legibility of this font. The font is attractive to the eyes in a different way despite its simplicity and neutrality and will look great on any type of website with any type of content.


Roboto is one of the most common and popular fonts used on the internet, and that’s what makes it so trending. It’s a free sans serif font with a very natural and simplistic look that gives it all its visual appeal. Moreover, since it’s a default font for all Google products and Android devices, most people are familiar with the font, which makes up for much easier readability.


If you’re looking for a professional-looking, open-source, free font, then this sans serif font will be the best choice. It’s a very subtle and stable-looking font with a simple style which makes it highly professional and attractive. It will look great on a corporate business website, or you can use it on your personal website where you’re trying to establish yourself as a brand.


Arvo is a free geometric slab serif font style that works out as a great display font. Its characters are vividly spaced, and many alphabets are designed uniquely and differently, which gives a visual appeal to this subtle and simple font. Given its neutrality, it’s good to use for all forms of content and texts.


Optima is a traditionally styled, visually attractive font in the sans serif roman font type category. The font style is inspired by the handwriting found in Roman literature and inscriptions and is customized to meet the modern aspects that people are into in today’s era.

With its traditional look with a modern appeal, it’s a great font for any creative website that talks about fashion, style, or cultures.

However, it’s a premium font, so using it can come off as a bit costly.

Final Words

Keeping up with the perfect typography by using visually attractive and web-safe font is very important to offer brilliant user experiences. We hope that this article has been helpful in building your font library, and you have put all these seven best attractive fonts for websites trending in 2022 in that library.

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