5 Tips For Choosing A Btob Lead Generation Tool

Knowing how to combine different marketing strategies is essential today to reach the maximum number of qualified prospects. In the context of Outbound Marketing, it is important to choose a powerful BtoB lead generation tool. In this article, you will find our advice to help you find the right solution. Discover also some reasons to choose

Define your needs

Are you looking for the best BtoB lead generation tool for your company’s objectives? It is important to assess the needs of your marketing and sales teams beforehand. Define the characteristics of your buyer persona (their field of activity or business, their buying behavior, etc.). Thanks to this typical customer, you will be able to target and generate qualified leads likely to convert into customers. When choosing a lead gen tool, also take into account the constraints that your sales people have to deal with when dealing with customers.

Determine useful features

Depending on your objectives and needs, determine the features that are essential for your lead generation and sales prospecting campaigns. You can choose a lead gen tool capable of :

  • accurately target prospects
  • collect relevant contact information from leads;
  • build a solid prospecting database;
  • automate sales prospecting;
  • etc.

Some comprehensive solutions also allow you to implement outbound marketing actions, such as sending automatic invitations on LinkedIn to prospects.

Consult a comparison of lead gen tools

On the Web, take advantage of the comparisons that offer you the possibility to browse through some of the best BtoB lead gen tools of the moment. These online comparisons give you rich information (advantages and disadvantages) on each solution proposed. The features, services, pricing and effectiveness of the product may be among your criteria for choosing this prospecting tool. Using advanced technologies,, Plezi and Hubspot are among the top lead generation tools for 2021.

Check each available tool

Make sure the tool you select performs well in order to succeed in your Outbound Marketing or Outbound Recruiting campaigns. Check its flexibility, interoperability and pricing.

Its flexibility

Choose a prospecting tool that allows you to customize your lead generation strategy. This solution must be able to filter to identify the really qualified leads according to your own criteria. This way, you will only pay for relevant leads and you will benefit from a better return on investment.

Its interoperability

Choose a BtoB sales tool that can be directly connected to your different business tools and applications (Hubspot, Pipedrive, Sendinblue, Gmail, etc.). For example, some tools have the ability to automatically and directly transfer the new leads generated to your CRM.

Its rates

Opt for a lead generation solution that offers free trials, so that you can freely evaluate its effectiveness. Also take into account the rates of the services provided. Indeed, providers can offer different packages tailored to the needs and size of your company (start-up, SME, ETI, large companies, etc.).

Adopt an efficient and fast tool

The Kaspr tool makes it really easy to collect contact information from your prospects, thanks to its revolutionary features. It helps you succeed in your lead generation campaigns, and at a controlled cost.

Generate contacts in a few clicks

From your prospect’s LinkedIn profile, discover their contact information (including email addresses and phone numbers) in real time. Kaspr can also automatically enrich your LinkedIn contact list and export the collected contact information directly to your CRM or other marketing tool. This solution is able to integrate with Sendinblue, Hubspot, Pipedrive and Gmail.

Automate your prospecting

The Kaspr API functionality gives you the ability to automatically enhance and enrich your prospecting database. Your prospects’ email addresses and phone numbers will be transmitted directly to your information systems. This B2B sales tool can also provide you with other information about your leads, such as their name, position, and other company data. Note that retrieves information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Effectively approach your leads

Kaspr has a feature that sends automated invitations and messages to your prospects on LinkedIn. With the help of this B2B lead generation tool, you can effectively approach a segment of leads that are likely to be interested in your product or service. Depending on the evolution of a lead in your conversion tunnel, you will be able to nurture it and turn it into a customer by sending it targeted messages on LinkedIn.


Make the right choice of BtoB lead generation tool to optimize your sales prospecting campaigns. Choose the solution that meets your needs and expectations. Check its flexibility, its ability to integrate with other tools and its pricing. In 2021, Kaspr is one of the most effective marketing tools for collecting contact information from prospects and increasing sales.

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